Striving to develop and implement services, programs and activities to assist in social, cultural, health, and economic matters concerning Off-Reserve Status, Non-Status, Inuit and Métis peoples of Ontario.

Aboriginal Head Start

Together, enhancing child development while supporting and promoting school readiness in line with traditional teachings and holistic progress.

Half-day preschool programming is provided to young Indigenous, non-Indigenous, Metis and Inuit children to prepare them for their school years. The goal is to help them meet their spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs through six core areas: health promotion, nutrition, parental involvement, Aboriginal culture and language, social support, and education.

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Community Action Program for Children

The Community Action Program for Children (CAP-C) supports and promotes the healthy development of young children (0-6 years) in areas of: nutritional support, family resources, parenting classes, child development and activities, outreach and specialized programming to meet you and your families’ unique needs.

Our goal is to foster the growth and development of children (0-6 years) and parents by helping them to develop strong parenting skills using traditional teachings.

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Healthy Babies, Healthy Children

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children (HBHC) is designed to help children and parents succeed by providing families with the tools and resources needed to reach their potential.

Assisting all Indigenous, non-Indigenous, Metis and Inuit families by providing a healthy environment for child development (0-6 years), and also including parenting, pre and postnatal care through home visits, service coordination and referrals.

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EarlyON Child & Family Centres are welcoming, supportive and accessible places where children (0 to 6 years) and their parents, grandparents and caregivers can play and learn together.

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Community Wellness

APANO’s Community Wellness Initiative, facilitated by our community wellness workers (CWW), provides a holistic approach to the promotion of healthy living, and the prevention of family violence through client driven services, workshops, and culturally based programming.

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Long Term Care

A community based service with a congregate dining program, friendly visiting and security checks provided by the Long-Term Care (LTC) Workers.

Services are designed to meet your health and personal care needs. Our goal is to provide healthy, personal, and support services that help promote independent living in a safe and holistic manner.

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Aboriginal Diabetes Prevention Program

Through providing health promotion and primary prevention activities and services, APANO’s Aboriginal Diabetes Prevention (ADP) Program promotes educational awareness regarding diabetes, its signs and symptoms, and its prevention. It does this by offering: recreational and sport opportunities to youth, a community garden, women’s fitness program, after-school program, intramurals at the elementary level, a female basketball league, an annual dance camp, and a 4-week summer camp.

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Blazing Trails for Indigenous Youth Justice

As an innovative approach to addressing the overrepresentation of Indigenous youth, our Blazing Trails for Indigenous Youth Justice program (BT) offers a 14-week diversion program rooted in Indigenous cultural teachings.

Together, the program focusses on: discovering the essential qualities of self-awareness, participating in mock trials, and learning about the Ontario justice system, while also building key life skills to ensure the future success of our youth.

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Gender Equality

APANO seeks to advance gender equality in all aspects of its work, recognizing that gender inequalities create major barriers for sustainable development.

The organization works to ensure that all its programs identify the different needs of all gender identities. We offer personal and organizational training, and gender support services through our gender equality programming.

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