Aboriginal People’s Alliance Northern Ontario

Striving to develop and implement services, programs and activities to assist in social, cultural, health, and economic matters concerning Off-Reserve Status, Non-Status, Inuit and Métis peoples of Ontario.


Who we are

Aboriginal Peoples’ Alliance (Northern Ontario) – APANO, is a non-profit autonomous charity incorporated since 1983 and governed by the Statutes of the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations. APANO services six (6) distinct geographical areas that include the Districts of Cochrane, Timiskaming, Sudbury, Nipissing, Ottawa and James Bay, with nine (9) site locations, eight (8) in the northeast and one (1) in the southeast.


Programs & Services

Aboriginal Head Start 

Community Action Program for Children

Healthy Babies, Healthy Children


Community Wellness

Long Term Care

Aboriginal Diabetes Prevention Program

Blazing Trails for Indigenous Youth Justice

Gender Equality

Our Vision

APANO seeks partnerships to strengthen our initiatives and help us reach our goal of providing community tailored services focusing on fostering respect, reciprocity, and relationships, ensuring everyone is equitably represented and heard, building on the strengths of our community, working together as a collective community to build partnerships that increase Indigenous voices and agency.

We strive to be an equitable, strong, culturally based organization and community partner in the Province of Ontario with a distinctive history, culture, and language, which recognizes the diversity, value, and contribution of all Indigenous peoples, as an integral part of the vibrant, historical, and cultural landscape in Canada.

Building and supporting inclusive environments and Indigenous communities through programs and initiatives, improving equitable access to culturally based services for elders, youth, families, urban individuals, and employees.


Financial contribution made possible through the Public Health Agency of Canada